Extremes Ampliar

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Géneros: Ficción Erótica

Sinopsis: These ten short stories lure the reader into the far reaches of a woman's mind where the most tawdry daydreams reside. Bondage, spanking, anal sexuality, exhibitionism, piercing, and sexual slavery are just some of the flagrant extremes brought to full erotic flower. Enjoy, as Lizbeth writes of women who are unafraid to make stunning choices, and pleasure in taking their lust to the limit. Surprises around every corner, some to shock, others to delight and all to stimulate the imagination. For a bold excursion into the erotic. Includes I Never Complain About A Gangbang where this happy slut picks up men in XXX theatres and lets them have their way with her...just for thrills. Then Mrs. Paltrow is suprised to learn that she'll be paying off her husband's Gambling Debt with 48 hours of nasty sex. In Of Roses & Sailers a young woman accepts some 'special jewelry' to help her remember her dominant lover when he's away. Then in The Last Summer a house party of horny young men and women celebrate the end of summer with a wild orgy in the forest, in the dead night. And a beautiful and submissive maiden is presented naked to a Garden Party where she's used for the pleasure of this lusty crowd. These stories and many more!


  • Editorial: Pink Flamingo
  • Formato: EPUB
  • Tamaño: 173.00 KB
  • Fecha publicación: 02/02/2000
  • ISBN: 9781935897750
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  • Páginas en papel: 66
  • Idioma: inglés (Traducción de )
  • DRM: Adobe DRM

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