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Innocence In Chains

Paul Moore, Paul Moore

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Géneros: Ficción Erótica

Sinopsis: When a maverick filmmaker befriends the bewildered Kirsten, he wants her for himself and intends to break Billy’s fierce grip on her body and soul. A confused Kirsten is torn, and when the extremes of life with Billy leave her frightened, she’s on the verge of rebellion. But can she tear herself away from the depraved passions that run deep, or will she run back to Billy begging for the kind of rough love he promises?


  • Editorial: Pink Flamingo
  • Formato: EPUB
  • Tamaño: 152.00 KB
  • Fecha publicación: 31/12/1999
  • ISBN: 9780974289267
  • Páginas en papel: 80
  • Idioma: inglés
  • DRM: Adobe DRM

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